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The Original...

Jason Scott, the angler-turned-designer extraordinaire sparked a fishing revolution back in the early '90s with his groundbreaking lure, "bass candy."

What started as a passion project quickly evolved into Castaic Soft Baits, with Jason at the helm, dreaming up innovative ideas like the iconic Castaic Original Trout Soft Bait. But it was a trip to Texas' legendary Lake Fork that truly put Castaic on the map. Jason's dad, Bob, took their lures for a spin, proving their worth even in the toughest conditions. Word got out, and soon, Castaic became a household name among anglers, thanks to its ability to reel in big bass no matter the challenge.

Revolutionizing the Fishing Game

In 2008, Jason teamed up with Jeff Zernov, a fishing Hall of Famer and the mastermind behind Aqua-Vu. Their collaboration led to Nature Vision, Inc. acquiring Castaic Soft Baits, with Jason staying on board as the driving force behind new product development. Together, they continued to push boundaries, creating lifelike lures that revolutionized the fishing game.

2024 and Beyond

Now, in 2024, Jason is back at it with his dad, Bob, by his side. Together, they've launched Decoy Fishing Products, a brand committed to innovation and quality. Their flagship product, the patented 5” HydraTail, is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey. Hand-painted and crafted with precision, Decoy Swimbaits are designed to mimic real fish, ensuring every cast is an adventure.